Black coat - film 2018

  • World premiereMarch 25, 2018
  • Premiere in Russia: April 2018
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Genre: History, Drama
  • Directors: Jaume Naharro
  • Cast: Jaume Keralt, Yuray Artega, Brian Gallardo, Rafa Delacroix

This is not a new version of the film about “Zorro”, and even more so, not a movie about the adventures of another superhero. The film “Black Coat”, which is expected to be released in 2018, tells the story of a daring criminal who commits theft as brazenly as any character in the world of cinema did.

shot from film Black coat

Who said that the Spaniards do not know how to make high-quality cinema with a fascinating plot? The picture from the director Jaume Naharro already occupies the first places in the rating of "Expected films."

Criminal subjects

Not having time to see the film, to which there are still a few months, critics have already got the courage to express their assumptions. Reproaches are especially often heard regarding the image of the main character. A black mask and a hat of the same color for some reason inspire all actors of film critics that the film will be about new adventures of “Zorro”.

Could not fail to rivet the attention of critics and the name of the film - "Black coat". As they argue, there are noticeable similarities with the well-known work “The Black Mask”. It is not surprising that when compared with the above-mentioned pictures, assumptions were born that the cinema would narrate, if not “Zorro,” then about the next avenger, fighting dishonest government, crime, and other representatives of the haters of law and order.

Nothing like this! This work will not include a high moral and ideology of the fight against evil. It will be a question of the criminal committing thefts and robberies only for own benefit. In this case, the brainchild of the Spanish director will be filled with humor, irony and breathtaking special effects.

It should be noted that the film has an excellent plot - unpredictable and attracting viewers with every minute of viewing more and more, and more. The script was worked on by Raquel Orta and Yuri Ortega - not unknown figures of Spanish cinema. The director himself made a great contribution to the work on the history of daring robbers.

shot from film Black coat

Main character

Del Liebregat is the name of the criminalwhich is not a problem for local law enforcement. He is a real headache for all representatives of the law at a distance of several kilometers. And not only they, but also the locals hate him openly, because the robber does not shy away from carrying out his raids on members of any social status.

In submission of the gangster the whole gang is operating, each member of which is a notorious villain who has been in prison and who will do everything to not get there again. In the development of criminals are all objects that somehow can make a profit, ranging from government agencies, and ending with banks.

Robbers do not disdain to leave behind corpses. They do not care who stands in their way - the police or ordinary civilians. Anyone who crosses their path, go to the next world.

Nickname - Black coat, Del received because of his appearance. He is always wearing a black coat, made of high-quality, expensive materials. In addition, he always wears a wide hat, which is also his business card. Needless to say about the presence of a mask - a mandatory attribute for any gangster.

shot from film Black coat

Despite his composure, Del has a rather charming appearance, which becomes the reason for finding pretty girls near him. Before him can not resist as a courtesan in local taverns, and the wives of dignitaries.

Failed case

Liebregat pretty patted the city's economy with its constant raids. No matter how the best minds of the police were trying to grab him, this could not be done at all. He appeared from nowhere. Collusion with any of the staff, laying a route underground, the explosions of the main gate - Del did not disdain any of these methods. But the effective appearance is nothing compared to the mysterious disappearance of a gangster. Starting an investigation, the police came to a standstill at the crime scene, because the hero seemed to disappear, leaving no evidence.

A few days passed, and Del again carried out the attack. It was worth the residents, in view of the long lull, to think that the criminal left the city, he again made itself felt. Nobody understood the purpose of such frequent and audacious robberies. So bold, that sometimes they were held a few meters from the police station.

But everything comes to an end.Having miscalculated with one case, Del falls directly into the hands of the police. This time he will not get out. And now he has to answer for every crime. And there are a lot of these.


For the filming of the film were selected only the best shots of Spanish cinema:

  • Jaume Keralt
  • Yuray Ortega
  • Brian galardo
  • Rapha delacroix

Actors of the film “Black coat” are known for many works, both in Spanish and American cinema.

shot from film Black coat


The film crew recently announced the day when the show will take place. Release date is March 25, 2018. The premiere will be held in Madrid, then in all European cities. In our country, the show "Black Coat" should be expected no earlier than April 2018.

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