Belarus on the New Year 2017

Soon, very soon the New Year 2017 will knock on your door, and you still hesitate in choosing a place for his meeting? Then you definitely need to turn your eyes to Belarus, a country where there is a glorified Belovezhskaya Pushcha, a chic national park, where the residence of Santa Claus is a real winter fairy tale. Syabry will welcome you hospitably and will not have to worry about acclimatization, but simply plunge into the atmosphere of this New Year celebration.

Here, before you open the doors to numerous homes and recreation centers, tourist complexes and estates. You can stay in the big cities of the country, and far from civilization, where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of untouched nature, protected forests, clean air and luxurious local cuisine. You will not have a language barrier, because everyone here understands and speaks Russian.

And so that you do not choose - a meeting of the New Year 2017 in Minsk, Brest or Grodno, in the reserve Belovezhskaya Pushcha - you will be welcome everywhere, and the holiday will begin in a pleasant hospitable company.

Belarusian New Year: traditions and signs

As in all countries, here the New Year is the most beloved and long-awaited holiday, it has its own distinctive traditions and ceremonies. So, carollers go around dressed in animal costumes and performing carols. For the whole year to be rich and successful, they are waiting for carols in every home.

Great attention in Belarus is given to the New Year's table. It has become a good tradition to have 12 different dishes on the table, which symbolize every month of the year. For example, homemade sausage, butter, cheeses, pickles, mushrooms, fish, burgers, and, of course, kutyu are served for the holiday.

New Year of the Rooster in Belarus

New traditions peacefully coexist with the old ones: at midnight, under the fight of the clock, you need to have time to write on the leaf the most cherished desire and burn the paper, then it will come true. It is imperative that before the New Year comes, all old debts should be distributed and offenses should be forgiven each other so as not to enter into the New Year with them.

Young girls try to change their clothes several times on the first day of the New Year, because new clothes are waiting for the whole next year. It is necessary to wash on the first day with dishes, in which silver or gold money is put in advance, to be rich and successful throughout the year, and your face to be beautiful and clean.

And, of course, what a New Year without a tree? This tradition is more than a century. Santa Claus protects the Christmas tree, which replaced the deity Zyuzya, a gray-haired old man, who brought with him a snowstorm.

New Year Minsk

holidays for the new 2017 in Belarus

From Russia to Minsk - the capital of Belarus - can be reached either by train, or using the services of the railway. If you bought a tour in New Year Minsk in advance, then you will be met right at the train station or airport. Plan to come to Minsk for a day or two before the New Year 2017, so that you have time to stay in a hotel or a hotel. New Year's mass celebrations will begin in the evening at the site near the Palace of Sports.

Here you can not only meet the New Year, but also appreciate the festive fireworks, participate in a theatrical performance and dance and entertainment program.

You can order a New Year's banquet in any restaurant you like and enjoy the rich and varied menu, the show program with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, become a participant in competitions and admire the New Year's fireworks. You are happy to ride in an old carriage and cab, feeling like a gentleman and watching mass celebrations of Belarusians and festive illuminations from her windows.

New Year 2017 in Belarus

Evening Minsk is especially beautiful.The flickering lights of the television tower resemble the Eiffel, and the “ball” of the National Library shimmers with various lights that now add up to an ornament, then to a wonderful drawing.

The streets are not crowded, because the New Year for Belarusians is, above all, a family holiday. Be sure to listen to a concert in the Town Hall, which will melt the hearts of even the most inveterate skeptics. The opening of the main Christmas tree of the country will be headed by the President of the Republic of Belarus, who, if lucky, can be personally seen.

Meeting of the New Year 2017 in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the most famous nature reserve in Europe with a rich history of its formation as a state conservation and hunting economy. It is the nature reserve regime that contributes to the preservation of nature and its values, and in 1992 the Belovezhskaya Pushcha was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

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Now it is a huge biosphere reserve, in which territory there is the residence of Santa Claus - a real town in the center of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where water and picikora, magic elves, snowmen and forest animals peacefully coexist. Letters to Santa Claus are written here and here everyone is waited by gifts and unforgettable emotions.

Without even noticing it, you will plunge into a fabulous atmosphere, start dancing around the New Year tree and make a wish near the real Santa Claus. Here you can approach one of the 12 sculptures, which symbolize each month, hug and whisper in a friendly way in your ear.

In Belovezhskaya Pushcha there is a hotel "Kamenyuki", which must be booked in advance, based on its capabilities. This is a great place to relax, but you need to come at least a week. On its territory there are many fascinating automobile and hiking excursions, the movement of private cars through the territory of the reserve is prohibited.

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