Matches Barcelona 2018

The broadcast of the Barcelona matches in 2018 will be watched by hundreds of millions of high-sport fans. Such a rush is not surprising. After all, blue garnet for many years are one of the hegemons of professional club football. At the same time, the influence of Barça has only increased in recent seasons. This is due to the general increase in the level of the Spanish championship and the great successes of the Catalans in the Champions League. The team of Luis Enrique is not going to be content with the previous trophies. Therefore, fans of the club expect from their idols in 2018 new victories in domestic and international championships!


Schedule of meetings "Barcelona" in 2018

In the coming calendar year, the Spanish club will hold matches in the Examples, Spanish Cup, Champions League and several pre-season tournaments.

January - May, August - December

New Year's Day at the Catalans will begin with performances in the King's Cup (Spanish Cup). This is the second most important national championship of Spain. At the initial stage, up to 83 teams participate in it. Blue garnet fought for the trophy in the fall of 2017.In January 2018, the Spanish club will continue to play in the King's Cup from the stage 1/8 finals. Quarter-final matches are scheduled for the same month. If the Catalans overcome their rivals in 1/8 and ¼, in February they will fight for a ticket to the final match to be held in May.

Matches Barcelona 2018

After 3 months, the 117th season of the King's Cup starts. It will begin in August. But the Catalans will fight only with the 1/16 final. The first match is scheduled for the fall of 2018.

In January, after the winter break, the second round will begin. Examples - the main Spanish championship, in which the blue and garnet do not spare forces and money. The Catalan’s main rival is Real Madrid. In fact, only these two teams play the gold of the national championship. However, this does not mean that the other clubs of the tournament play the role of extras. Atletico, Sevilla, Villarreal and Sevilla - this is a list of groups that regularly drink the blood of two super granaries!

The first matches of the second half of the 87th draw Examples will take place in January. The season ends in May. The next national championship starts in August 2018, almost simultaneously with the Spanish Cup.

February - May, September - December

Another important for blue garnet tournament. The Catalan club began performing in the Champions League with the group stage. The first fights in the quartet Spaniards held in September 2017. In February - March, 1/8 play-offs of this European Cup await them. The championship final will be held on May 26, 2018 in the territory of the Kiev Olympic Stadium. But for him the club from Spain must still be able to select.

In August 2018, the 27th season of the Champions League will start. The Catalans will start the game from the group stage.

How Barcelona held matches in 2017

The start of the calendar year the Spaniards had a shock. In 10 official meetings, the blue-garnet has not lost a single match! Between January 5 and February 11, the Catalans won 8 wins, and only 2 fights were reduced to a draw.

  • Barcelona2 – 1Athletic Bilbao: January 5, 2017, Spanish Cup;
  • "Villarreal"1 – 1Barcelona: January 8, 2017, Primera;
  • Barcelona3 – 1Athletic Bilbao: January 11, 2017, Spanish Cup;
  • Barcelona5 – 0Las Palmas: January 14, 2017, Primera;
  • Barcelona1 – 0Real Sociedad: January 19, 2017, Spanish Cup;
  • Barcelona4 – 0Eibar: January 22, 2017, Primera;
  • Barcelona5 – 2Real Sociedad: January 26, 2017, Spanish Cup;
  • "Betis"1 – 1Barcelona: January 29, 2017, Primera;
  • Barcelona3 – 0Athletic Bilbao: February 4, 2017, Primera;
  • Barcelona6 – 0"Alaves": February 11, 2017, Primera.

Matches of Barcelona in 2018

Such a vigorous start allowed the team of Luis Enrique to achieve very significant success in a number of significant championships. Will all the same well with the team from the Iberian Peninsula - will show the first matches in 2018!


The calendar of the Catalans is as always saturated. The Spanish team will compete for trophies in the King's Cup, Example and the Champions League. Among other things, the team will hold a series of friendly meetings in the framework of pre-season tournaments. Such a huge number of important matches is a headache for any coach, which is not true of the many fans of blue garnet.

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