Barcelona in the Champions League 2018 - 2019

Barcelona in the season 2018 - 2019 of the Champions League will try again to win the trophy of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe in football. It will be difficult to do. Contenders for the title a lot. These are both English grants, and leaders of the Italian Serie A, and TOP teams of the German Bundesliga. Each of them has a serious chance of success. But Barça fans only believe in their team!


date from September 18, 2018
  • "Inter"
  • "Tottenham"
  • PSV
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Schedule for Barcelona in the Champions League 2018/19

The Spanish Super Grand will begin its performance in the new UEFA Champions League season with a group round. Blue garnet will play in the quartet B. The Catalan club is in the same company as the Italian Inter, the English Tottenham and the Dutch PSV. Messi & Co. will compete for trips to the playoffs from September 18 to December 11, 2018. Here is the full calendar of games:

Barcelona in the Champions League 2018 - 2019

It is hard to imagine that Ernesto Valverde’s charges did not leave the group. Most likely, the football club from the capital of Catalonia will delight with its play in the spring of 2019, when the playoffs start.

Barcelona in the Champions League 2018 - 2019

FC Barcelona matches in the Champions League 2018/19: full review

Fans of the Blaugranas are probably dreaming of playoff games, where their favorites will smash the offenders who have not let them into the Champions League final for several seasons in a row. But first you need to leave the group. And Messi & Co's rivals are serious.

Matches Barcelona - Tottenham Hotspot 2018

The Spaniards will cross swords with the British on October 3 on the home field of “spurs”. The return match will take place on December 11.

Perhaps this is the most serious rival. In the submarine "Tottenham" pushed "Arsenal" from the "Big Four". For several seasons in a row, the “spurs” have unsuccessfully fought for the medals of the English Premier League. This eloquently speaks of the strength of this football team from Albion.

Rivals met each other only twice. And this happened in the framework of the already non-existent UEFA Cup Winner Cup football tournament. In 1982, the fate brought two FC in the semifinals of the championship. The confrontation ended in victory for Barça: the Catalans won in their field and tied away.

Matches Barcelona - Inter 2018

The first game will take place on October 24th. It will be held at the home of the Italians. The return match is scheduled for November 6.

This is another opponent who will have to gnaw cherished glasses. It is not even known which opponent is more difficult - “Inter” or “Tottenham” !?

Barcelona in the Champions League 2018 - 2019

With the football club from Milan, blue-garnet met 10 times. You can write a whole book about the history of the confrontation between two football teams - there were so many interesting things about these meetings! So far, the Catalans have been successful. They won 5 wins, while the Italians won the club with the Pyrenees only twice.

Matches Barcelona - PSV 2018

The Dutch will come to visit the Camp Nou on September 18. A courtesy return visit to Eindhoven by Ernesto Valverde’s wards will be on 28 November.

This is the weakest member of group D. The glorious days of the “red-white army” are long gone, so they do not expect much from them. But who knows what the champion of the Netherlands will be worth?

The teams played each other 6 times. The most popular score in the history of meetings 2: 2. Three times the Spanish-Dutch confrontation ended in a draw. Blaugranas were twice as strong.

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