Bamboo wallpaper

Bamboo wallpapers are thin strips of the upper layers of bamboo, polished, varnished and pasted on technical gauze. They are durable, environmentally friendly, durable.

Although they are not glued like ordinary paper wallpapers, it is easy to work with them. First of all, a roll of bamboo wallpaper must necessarily be in an expanded form to withstand the day in the room where they will be glued. If this is not done, there is a risk that the strips, having absorbed moisture and expanded, in some places will move away from the wall and form difficult-to-remove bubbles.

Sticking bamboo paintings.

If you need to stick them on a brick, wood or concrete wall, use a strong vinyl-based glue. If the base on which glue the bamboo. On a plaster basis - use liquid nails, building glue "moment" or polymer adhesives such as "Titan or" Dragon. "

In order for the bamboo to lie on the walls smoothly, beautifully, and without flaws, it is necessary to adhere to the correct sequence of actions.

To begin with, the wall should be treated with a primer and let it dry well.

Then apply markings on the wall - wallpaper strips should be strictly horizontally or vertically, depending on the direction you choose.
Apply a thin layer of glue to the walls and work surface of the wallpaper evenly and allow it to dry. The drying time is specified by the glue manufacturer.

When the glue dries, the cloth is applied to the wall, according to the marking, and with a soft cloth or rubber roller, they iron the entire surface so that there are no unattached places.

Attach accessories, for example, a decorative Manila cord, letting go on the ends of the wallpaper.

After the sticker, carefully check whether the glue has fallen on the front side, if necessary, the glue residue is removed with a solvent. And you are aware that you can download Tomb Raider: Survival Edition without registration at FroGik.Ru. The best portal Runet. All for free and by direct link!

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