Audi S4 2018


Refinement, power, aggression, combined with a delicate taste can rightly be called the main features of the model, which has become a modification of the super strong version of the sports concept A-4. The basic model as the predecessor of the S4 was released about thirty years ago, in the history of the 1990 - 1991 season. Today, new approaches to the vision of a high-speed car made it possible to get a fundamentally new sports car featuring the following features:

Audi S4 2018

  • The complete set and the prices correspond to the best world standards;
  • Permanent all-wheel drive;
  • Maximum reduced clearance;
  • Activation of the rear differential;
  • Increased power system capacity;
  • The new body stands wheel arches of considerable size;
  • Gearbox with dual clutch system.

Some details about the S-4

New Audi S4 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

Despite the fact that the engineering and design team of the Audi concern worked fruitfully on the creation of an exceptional model in all respects exactly corresponding to the best trends in automotive fashion.However, the specialists of the brand remained true to tradition and retained all the best nuances inherent in Audi cars. The date of entry into the international market has already been marked by significant demand, even despite the relatively high price category - the basic version starts at a cost of $ 65,000. USA. Fans of the German brand remain faithful to the classics of the German automotive industry. The classic line is marked:

  1. Vivid, memorable design;
  2. High ergonomics and efficiency of the power plant;
  3. Reliable work of a sound suspension and a complete set of transmissions;
  4. Comfortable refined lounge.

The history of the fifth generation S4 began entering the markets in 2015. Due to the study of demand for a fairly substantial sales period, the concern’s management made a justified decision to prepare the 2018 model. A successful technical and technological solution is distinguished by its relatively small size, high build quality, and energetic motor characteristics. Nevertheless, the photo clearly shows that the appearance of the new AUDI has become significantly more conservative than its predecessors.Against the trends of auto fashion, the sports version of the C-4 is practically devoid of even minimal tuning. It is important that the model, presented last year on the catwalks of Frankfurt, is not focused on the domestic consumer. Judging by the information available on the network and the height of the price category, the start of sales in Russia is not officially considered by the manufacturer. But things can change, so you should look at the new product closer.


Audi S4 2018

The car is really harmonious in all respects. Any spy photo or informational video clearly shows an excellent in all respects compact sedan solution. Externally, you should focus on the following details:

  • Dynamics and energy combined with famous German quality;
  • The Audi S4 2018 has a completely redesigned geometry;
  • There has been an expansion of the color scheme of the body.
  • The updated sedan is equipped with modern LED optics;
  • Before the car stands a huge trapezoidal grille, horizontal chrome trim elements, expressive air intake shafts.
  • The geometry of the outlines is changed in the direction of decreasing the angle of the racks,the 2018 model year sports compact sedan is distinguished by a neat sill line and a cat-like bend in the roof plane;

Internal content

New Audi S4 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

The novelty has become 2, 3 cm below, which gives a better fit to the surface of the highway.

The dimensions of the case are simply unique.

Length cm 471, 60
Width cm 182, 60
Height cm 140, 70
Clearance value cm 11, 90
Curb weight kg 1630, 00

The field and bench tests carried out, the test drive at the “North Loop” test site showed excellent dimensions in combination with amazing equipment.

Inside, everything is accurate, concisely and classically verified. The latest news is anatomic sports seats, genuine leather and suede, a multimedia MMI complex, with a 2.3-inch TFT-display and a function of segregation of excess information. The fact that there are all modern options and elements of technological intelligence is known to every car enthusiast.

Specifications turbo engine with a volume of 3, 0 liters. with a capacity of 354 liters. from. and a torque of 500 is impressive. Tiptronic 8 automatic transmission, allows you to get acceleration in 4, 4 seconds, with a maximum speed of 250 km / h. The model is economical, per 100 km it consumes 7, 50 l.

The engine conforms to standards of ecological purity.

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