at what temperature does water freeze

at what temperature does water freeze

  1. Below zero.
  2. Hello!
    It is assumed that at normal atmospheric pressure and the presence of micro-suspensions in the water-crystallization nuclei, water begins to crystallize at a slightly negative temperature (-0,1 С), which is why in the Celsius scale the value of 0 degrees is taken as the value of the water-LD and Ld-Water.
    But it has long been found that water sometimes remains in liquid form and does not freeze at a fairly low temperature. This is most often observed with pure distilled water, since it does not have microvegments (serving as nuclei of crystallization) and it is possible to detect such liquid water at a temperature of even -20 C. This is often encountered by meteorologists when observations are made on a psychrometer whose one thermometer is torn off batistom, moistened with distilled water. Therefore, when observing at a low temperature, air is recorded in the wet-bulb thermometer "ld!" Or "water!" ", Since the moisture values ​​will be different for different conditions of water on the wetted thermometer.
    But most often supercooled and unmixed water is found in the atmosphere. Microdrops of clouds (and this is also a distillate) do not freeze even to -30 C and sometimes lower (clouds of the lower tier), while clouds of the middle (2-6 km) and upper (more than 6 km) usually consist of microcrystals.
    The precipitation of supercooled rain at a negative air temperature, although a rare but very dangerous phenomenon of nature - GOLODD, causing a rapid ice confinement on wires, branches and trees, mass breakage of branches and even tree falls, as well as wire breaks, and do not confuse this phenomenon with HOLLEDIC - slippery road (which is observed throughout the winter). For more details, see my answer to this question:
    In addition, because of the presence of supercooled droplet-liquid clouds in the atmosphere at a negative temperature, a very dangerous weather phenomenon for aviation arises - icing of aircraft (aircraft). In this case, supercooled droplets of the cloud when encountering the surface of the sun
    hit not and instantly intend, creating a very dense "matte ld", which has a strong adhesion ("sticking to the surface"). Therefore, the LD begins to rapidly build up on the wings, fuselage, engine air intakes and even screw propeller motors! Because of the icing in the world, hundreds of accidents have already occurred in the history of aviation, and unfortunately they continue to occur, despite the technical means used to remove icing from the surface of the aircraft and the thorough recommendations of aviation weather forecasters to bypass dangerous icing zones. I had to participate in the investigation of several such accidents. So supercooled water in the atmosphere is not so harmless!
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  3. 0 degrees Celsius - the temperature of melting ice. The water freezes at any temperature below this point.
  4. freezing of water occurs at 0 degrees =)
  5. 0 degrees
  6. 273 for Kelvin)
  7. course at zero!
  8. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvde -2 freezes and just call the hydraulic center!
  9. at 0, of course
  10. pure distilled water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius, tap water freezes at -3 -4 degree
  11. When the water wants then it freezes!
  12. 0 degrees
    However, if salt is added to the water, the freezing point will decrease
  13. but I do not know at school! !! but in my -273 world ceases to exist at all !!
  14. At zero it freezes! It becomes ice, too, at zero!
  15. It depends on the external pressure and on the content of impurities.

    For pure water under normal conditions, at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, the solid phase becomes more advantageous. Strictly at zero, both phases can coexist in equilibrium.
    This, however, does not mean that it always zamryznet - a phenomenon of supercooled water may occur.

    at what temperature does the water freeze?

    If you throw in not a grain of sand or shake it - it will freeze. This is due to the mechanism of the crystallization process.

    Here is the phase diagram of the states for the water phase as a function of temperature and pressure.

    Point A, by the way, is a triple point. All three phases coexist there.

  16. Water like at zero degrees, and milk in my opinion -1, -2 degrees!
  17. 0 - negative 1
  18. 0 degrees
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