Asphalting in Moscow

Such a manufacturer of specialized road equipment, like OAO Raskat, is familiar to anyone who in one way or another has to do with road repair or the construction of highways. This campaign is the most respectable and the largest, and in its own way - out of competition. And even if the enterprise itself is more than 140 years old, Rask began to stamp the rollers only eighty years ago. Since then, he has produced more than 140 thousand all kinds of sealing machines. The most widely used assembly principle is modular. This means that in record time it is possible to assemble any equipment: trailed or self-propelled, vibratory or static, with a mass of one and a half tons or even create something incredibly powerful - under thirty.

Some experts in the field of road construction argue that the rink roll is not inferior to the Western counterpart. On the one hand, the company indeed has a certificate of compliance with international quality standards, and it is possible to compact the machine quite effectively. On the other hand, our rollers, anyway, are inferior in terms of reliability.

Another thing Japanese technology. The Sakai 700 skating rink differs, for example, from the majority of its Russian counterparts by its huge performance, low expenditure on fuel. However, the most significant advantage, perhaps, is the reduced impact on the health of the operator. For vibration machines this is especially true. At the same time, the vibration does not become less, on the contrary - its frequency, in comparison with many analogs, is even much higher, but it has almost no effect on the operator. As a result, we have a good mood and well-being of the worker - and a perfectly flat road surface as a result of labor. According to the developers, the whole trick is that the control system is placed on a special platform.

Another interesting bonus for the driver - in recent years, the Sakai ice rink has not only 3 clearly fixed positions at once, but is also able to perform rotational movements of one hundred and eighty degrees. In addition, the driver's overview has been improved - in modern Japanese models of rollers, it is open to all three hundred and sixty degrees.

Summing up, we make such a conclusion. If you like modern equipment, trust the praised and deservedly acquired authority of Japanese machine builders, if you are not afraid to spend a lot of money to buy and you need reliability, then the Sakai ice rink iswhat you need. Well, if you are a true patriot of the country or just want to save a little, or support a domestic manufacturer from Rybinsk (exactly there is a factory for the production of skating rinks Rask), then purchase our equipment.

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