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Good day! In the calendar of Muslims, Ashura Day falls on the tenth day of the holy month of Muharram. On the tenth day, Adam repented of the perfect mistake, and the Most High accepted his repentance.On the Day of Ashur, Allah saved the prophet Musa, and also killed Pharaoh and his army.

In addition, it is a day of mourning for Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, who was killed in torment. Prior to the mandatory observance of fasting in the month of Ramadan, the day of Ashura was also marked by a strict fast. But then it began to be regarded as desirable, but voluntary.

The holiday itself begins at sunset the previous day. The Islamic calendar is lunar, and the Gregorian calendar is sunny. Therefore, the date of celebration of Ashura Day, which is constant in the Islamic calendar and equates to national public holidays in most Muslim countries, is shifted by about 11 days each year in the Gregorian calendar. In addition, it may vary somewhat depending on the country, since some of them take into account only astronomical calculations, and some - actual observations of the moon.

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Muslim Brothers! Let's meet together the glorious holiday of the Day of Ashura, encouraging us to do good deeds to the glory of Allah. Take the hands of your loved ones, press them to the hearts of the children, and perform all the rituals that will bring us closer to our Lord. Be pious, kind and light towards yourself and the world around you.

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