Ascension of the Lord 2019

The Ascension of the Lord is a great church feast from among the Great Ten Days, that is, those that are devoted to the main events of the Gospel narratives. It is celebrated forty days after the coming of Holy Christ's Sunday, therefore, since Easter also has a moving date in the calendar. How and on which date is Ascension celebrated? What rites and traditions are associated with this day?


What a feast of the Ascension of the Lord?

Arrest ... Humiliation ... Crucifixion ... Martyrdom ... Burial ... All these events from the Gospel writings about the earthly life of Christ happened to him in the last 24 hours of his stay on Earth. Three days after death, Jesus was resurrected, appearing to his disciples in the form of a man, making it clear that victory over death is possible. Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven, into the kingdom of truth, goodness and justice, completing his Great earthly ministry. But before that, Christ blessed the apostles and gave them instructions for the further course of life.All these biblical events took place in the vicinity of the city of Bethany and are described in the gospels of Luke and Mark.

Ascension of the Lord 2019

Since then, this day is considered a bright and solemn holiday, which is called the Ascension of the Lord.

Before the Ascension, greeting with the words “Christ is Risen” - “Truly Risen” was considered by the Orthodox to be commonplace, then with the coming of this holiday it was no longer allowed to pronounce these phrases.

When will the Ascension Day 2019?

Since Easter has a variable date of celebration, which depends on the ratio of the lunar and solar calendars, the Ascension Day is also celebrated in different years at different times.

To determine what date the Ascension will come in 2019, you need to know when Easter will be this year and simply add forty calendar days to this date.

So, Easter in 2019 will be celebrated on April 28th, which means that the Ascension of the Lord will come on Thursday, June 6th. In the Catholic world, which lives according to the Julian calendar cycle, Easter in 2019 is celebrated a week earlier, namely April 21. Proceeding from this, Catholics will celebrate the Ascension of the Lord also seven days earlier than the Orthodox - on May 30.

Easter and Ascension 2019-2024:

Easter The Ascension of the Lord
2019 April 28 June 6
2020 April 19 May 28
2021 May 2 June 10th
2022 April 24 2 June
2023 April 16 May 25
2024 5 May June 13

Traditions, customs and holiday bans

For Ascension, believers go to church for worship and, if possible, try to devote time for prayer during the day. In churches and temples on this day worship is held, including:

  • Mark Gospel Fragments
  • Troparion
  • Kontak
  • Back man
  • Apostle
  • Luke's Gospel

At the same time, on Wednesday evening, an all-night vigil is performed with the reading of the liturgy and the carrying out of the “giving” of the Easter ritual. Priests come to the congregation in white and gold riza, the color of which symbolizes the divine light.

In the Catholic churches on this day, during the Mass, they perform the rite of raising the cross to the dome of the church, as a sign that the Lord had ascended to heaven.

As for restrictions on food intake, since there is no fasting at the moment, everything can be eaten, but household and agricultural affairs for Ascension should be abandoned. Get out of the house and tidy farmstead should be done on the eve.

On this day, it is customary for the Orthodox to give alms to the poor, sick and needy, who sit on the territory of the temple or at the entrance to it.People say that at Ascension in the guise of a poor man, Jesus himself can approach the person.

Ascension of the Lord 2019. What date, tradition

Folk omens and beliefs on Ascension

Since ancient times, there was a belief in the healing power of the morning dew, which was customary to wash or just walk on the grass barefoot. Young dew will give beauty, and the elderly - health. In addition, they believed that if:

  • Hear the crows caw - to a good sign.
  • Having hung an egg above the roof of the house that day, the owners could protect their property from harm and damage.
  • Swim in this day - to good health.
  • If in earnest prayer you ask for something from the Lord, then it will certainly come true.

The night before Ascension was called the nightingale. The trill of the nightingale that night sounds very melodious and loud. Therefore, to catch these birds at this time is not allowed, because you can bring trouble.

Healers and herbalists for Ascension went to the forest to collect healing herbs, which on that day were endowed with special power.

Heavy rain on Ascension predicted a poor harvest, but if it ends within three days, then the loss of what it does in the fields will not be significant.

The Ascension of the Lord is the day of the last meeting and separation from God in his human form. It seems that there should be no joy here, but, nevertheless, it is a great holiday, which marks the deliverance from death, as the terrible consequences of sin, granting eternal life and eternal bliss to all those who repent and sincerely apologize for their earthly sins The Ascension Day is also a reminder to humanity of the end of the world, the Last Judgment and the second (last) coming of the Lord to the Earth.

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