Apartment renovation - stages

It is known that a high-quality repair of the building is a guarantee of not only a fairly successful design, but also the original interior. As reported, the Construction Forum of St. Petersburg, the “dirtiest” stage in carrying out repairs is the demolition, transfer and dismantling of existing partitions and walls.

Despite the old age and deterioration of apartments, the existing flooring can be kept in good condition. Only through the use of plastic film, the floors can still serve a certain time. Among all the variety of works, the replacement of window slopes, all blocks and window sills is considered the most dusty. Procedures for their dismantling must be performed immediately, this will provide an opportunity to avoid further dirt and dust. And when performing painting work, for example, opening windows in general is practically unacceptable.

A capacious and demanding increased attention of specialists is considered the process of conducting electrical wiring. Its scheme should be thought out in advance.In addition, cable is also laid, both telephone and television.

Especially carefully you need to check before carrying out painting work, do not forget to put one of the types of cables, so that you do not have to break everything and carry out all over again. Equally important is the location of switches and sockets. They should also be thought out in advance. Although the most time is allotted for painting work, it is still desirable to check the implementation of all connections, and also to check that the wiring is necessarily grounded.

The next stage in the repair of apartments consists of finishing putty walls. It provides for wallpaper glueing or tile laying. Floor covering is given the last final stage, at which it is necessary to be extremely careful and cautious so as not to accidentally stain the walls. Best of all, before sticking wallpaper, try to cover the floor with a layer of varnish, and subsequent times at the end of the repair. When the bulk of the work is completed, install the so-called "little things" - baseboards, sockets, decorative items and other components.

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