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Apartment renovation at European level

January 26, 2018

Apartment renovation at European levelSuch a thing as renovation familiar to people for a long time. But not everyone knows exactly how it differs from the usual repair. The main difference is that the renovation is a full range of work related to the repair, which is aimed at a major change in the interior of the whole house, apartment or room.

Renovation is divided into several steps:
1. Invitation of a designer or specialist to assess the condition of the premises. He makes sketches of the future room or apartment, selects furniture, creates a design project, and purchases materials for repairs. Also drawn up schemes for ventilation, electrics, water, etc.
2. Implementation of the project plan. Under the complete control of a specialist, the defects are corrected.
3. Creating an interior. According to European standards, the design of the created interior should not be repeated anywhere. To do this, upon delivery of the object, the designer issues a warranty that lasts from 1 to 3 years.

Apartment renovation at European levelWith the development of technical and telecommunication equipment, each construction company can immediately show the customer what the room will be after the European-quality repair.

Since any repair takes a lot of energy, it is necessary to observe the complexity when it is carried out. Deciding on a renovation you need to trust only professionals and not to hire several different teams. The specialist performs many functions, such as obtaining permission to redevelop or remove construction waste. In the West, renovation has become the usual standard of living.

Apartment renovation at European levelIt is customary to distinguish between a middle-class and high-end European-quality repair. Under the repair of the middle class means the formation or removal of partitions, changing the shape of the walls, replacing windows and doors. With this repair design solutions are not evident. But high-class (luxury, exclusive) is just the opposite. This is a complete redevelopment of the premises using an exclusive and unique design project. For such a European-style repair, it is unacceptable to combine wallpaper with different patterns.

The choice of all finishing materials, furniture and interior items falls on the shoulders of the customer.Those who are older love the classics on the walls and the floor, the absence of all sorts of tricks. Young people prefer laminate floors and window blinds - all that is easiest to clean and clean up. At the peak of popularity is still drywall, which takes any form and is easy to install. In any case, before starting a renovation, you need to consult with experts, and the construction company will carry out his plan, saving the customer time.

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