Alps: where are these beautiful mountains?

The mountains always fascinated us. A cold kingdom created from ice and rocks, and then formed and carved out by time. In the shadow of the mountain peaks, life is firmly established, which seems unnatural to us. For many years, living organisms have adapted to harsh conditions. And everyone who lives in these mountains, whether it be a plant, a mammal or a bird - all have adapted to the current and the change of local natural phenomena. However, these natural processes pass unnoticed for mountains, the age of which is measured in tens or hundreds of millions of years. And the most famous among all the peaks of the world are the Alps, where there are the highest peaks, bubbling life and fascinating views. Since ancient times, various peoples have lived here, who consider the Alps to be their support and protection from the whole world. Where are the mountains of the Alps? Many will answer that in Europe. But on Earth, as many as four mountain ranges are called the Alps, and they all differ from each other.

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European Alps

The mountains have a certain duration of life. The European Alps were formed during a tectonic shift about 35 million years ago, when the continental slabs of Africa and Europe collided. The European Alps are still growing, pushed by the inner forces of the planet. For most of its history, the mountains remained a wilderness, too extreme for a person to live in. And yet it was people who gave the name to these mountains when they surveyed the globe. It does not matter where the mountains are: in the north or in the south, in the east or in the west, they owe their education to the same geological processes. In the locations of the mountains, the lines of the most active geological faults of the rock are marked. Alps, where there are just such areas, are often presented with bad "gifts" in the form of avalanches or small earthquakes. At the foot of the Alps there are animals that can hardly be called alpine: European otters, lynxes, marmots, noble deer and others. Several thousand years ago, in the Alps, where there are crystal clear mountain lakes and rivers, huge meadows and vast forests, a new force has come that has learned to resist any seasonal weather phenomena. These people, who lived at the foot of the mountains for centuries, went upstairs together with their groups, establishing towns and villages.

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The Australian Alps

On the other side of the world, in Australia, alsothere is a mountain system of the Alps, but the Australian Alps differ significantly from the European ones: there are no huge jagged peaks here, these mountains appeared 600 million years ago. But their initial relief underwent global changes, because for millions of years it was influenced by wind and rain, as well as spring streams of thawed waters. Glaciers of mountain peaks barely reach the ground - these are the oldest of the 4 Alps of the world. And after tens of millions of years they remained isolated from the whole world. Thanks to this isolation Australia has a unique world of plants and animals. The Australian echidna, like its relative of the platypus, can be found only in Australia. Some inhabitants of the Australian Alps surprise with their presence, because among the snows the parrots look ridiculous, right? It is more habitual to see them in the tropics than in the winter Australian Alps, but you can see this here. The most common tree in Australia is eucalyptus, it remains green regardless of location, even in snow. Yes, the Alps of this region are truly an amazing place on Earth!

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New Zealand Alps

The Alps in New Zealand are the youngest of allThe Alps. They have been formed over the last 7 million years. 2.5 million years ago, the shift of glaciers marked the beginning of the Ice Age. This affected the southern islands of New Zealand, which made ancient animal kingdoms, such as Kia parrots, adapt to new conditions. It is an amazing bird, possessing the mind of a monkey, and the only one of the whole species that lives beyond the line of snows. The mountains here live their own lives. The landscape of New Zealand was formed by glaciers - it is a reminder of a world that almost disappeared.

New Zealand Alps

The Japanese Alps

The last of the Alps combine several mountainridges on the island of Honshu in Japan. Most of the peaks have a height of more than 3 km. The mountains are amazingly picturesque, and the covered snow peaks amaze with the magnificence of tourists visiting this country. An interesting fact is that among the representatives of the fauna in these mountains is inhabited by the most northern primate (of course, besides humans) - mountain monkeys living among the harsh snows. They had to adapt to the winter, which can last up to 6 months, and a temperature that can keep below zero for several weeks in a row.

The Japanese Alps


Where are on the map of the Alps of Europe, Australia,New Zealand and Japan? The European Alps are the largest and highest mountain system in Western Europe, covering France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. On the location of the rest of the Alps, we think it will be easy to guess from their name. The European Alps are extremely attractive for tourists, who annually number over 50 million people. First of all, these mountains attract mountaineers and skiers. For the latter the season lasts from December to April. Vacationers from all over the world come to the best ski resorts: Les Deux Alpes, Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens and many others. In addition, the Alps, where there are many winding trails and paths, attract professional cyclists, and the landscape beauties opening from the sky attract paragliders. The Australian Alps also boast the mountain resorts of Mount Hotam, and the mesmerizing picture of national parks encourages backpackers to make an unforgettable trek through the virgin lands of this mountain kingdom. The New Zealand Alps provide many extreme descents, the season here lasts from June to September. An interesting fact is that the legendary film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" was shot in these parts, and not in the US, as many believe. And finally, the mountains of Japan. They are not very popular among tourists and serve as pilgrimage areas for Buddhists and places for hiking for travelers who are looking for an unforgettable experience.

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