"Alex" - a salad of a new day

Salad is considered one of the best colddishes in the world. It is prepared in all countries, and everywhere is its own, a special recipe. And this is not surprising. After all, it is a great addition to any table. Whether it's a holiday table or a warm family dinner. Without a salad, there is not a single holiday.

Salads have a number of advantages: they are both useful, and tasty, and nutritious. And most importantly, you will not worry that you gain weight (if not to abuse mayonnaise, of course).

alex saladUsually salads are made from different vegetables, fruits,eggs, meat ingredients, dairy products, seasonings are added. Dressed with vinegar, mayonnaise, sour cream, sunflower oil or yoghurt. Served to a hot dish or made as a snack.

"Alex" is a salad that everyone loves

A lot of salads have been invented in the world. The most popular of them: vinaigrette, "Olivier", "Mimosa", "Herring under the fur coat", "Caesar" and others. Along with them, you can note and loved by many "Alex" - a salad of mushrooms, tomatoes and chicken fillet.

Recently, this salad is gaining a largepopularity. More and more people are attracted by "Alex" (salad) in that it is very tasty and has an unusual and interesting taste. And most importantly, to prepare this salad is very easy. This requires ingredients such as: chicken fillet - 500 grams, champignons - 250 grams, salt to taste, hard cheese 160-210 grams, mayonnaise or sour cream, tomatoes - 3 pieces, and onions - 1 piece, olives.


Many fans of cold dishes, no doubt, will choose a salad "Alex". The recipe for its preparation is:

1. You need to take the chicken fillet and boil it. After a few minutes they take it out of the broth and put it in the refrigerator. After cooling, the product is cut into small pieces.

2. Next come the mushrooms. Cut them into small pieces and add to them onions. Sliced ​​onions should be scalded in hot water and rinsed with running water.

salad aleks recipe3. Tomatoes are cut into small cubes.

4. Mushrooms with onions and tomatoes are added to the chicken fillet.

5. Rub cheese on a large grater and spread on the finished mixture.

6. Already in an almost ready salad of fillets, mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes, it is worth adding mayonnaise or sour cream, as well as olives. After that, the salad is well mixed. You can decorate with lettuce, dill, parsley, green peas. Salad turns out beautiful, appetizing and full.


Salad "Alex" is ready. Serve it in a chilled form.

"Alex" - a salad nutritious and will be a pleasant addition to any holiday. Guests will enjoy using this dish and will be delighted with the mastery of the hostess.

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