Aladdin - 2018 film

  • Premiere: during 2018 (with a possible postponement of the release to a later date)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: musical, fantasy, romance, adventure
  • Producer: Guy Ritchie
  • Cast: Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud et al. (Possibly Patrick Stewart)

The release of the film “Aladdin” is scheduled for 2018. Yes, yes, that film, you read it right. This is another project of Disney Studio, which is a game remake of their immortal cartoon. Interesting?

“Aladdin” as an integral part of Disney’s film universe

To begin, let us immediately agree with you: Aladdin is correct, not Aladdin. Agreed?

Now we will tell you this: if you do not know about the existence of such a person as Aladdin, then it seems you have big problems. In any case, it is never too late to correct the situation. Just watching the iconic cartoon.

Aladdin - the character of Disney movies, or cartoons, to be precise. He, like all the princesses of Disney, is slightly nuts, and in this, in fact, lies all his charm.His charm is already forever stuck in the memory of many girls, and even boys, which is already there. He is not afraid of anything and always looks straight into the eyes of any danger. Perhaps that is why he was remembered so much by many viewers.


In 1992, the cartoon Aladdin was released, which, with a budget of $ 28 million, collected more than 500 million "greens" in the world. That is so profit! Moreover, the project had at once 5 nominations for an Oscar, and in three of them he managed to achieve victory: in the categories “Best Song” and “Best Original Soundtrack”.

Is there anything else you can add to the above information? In general, for many, “Aladdin” is the very cartoon of childhood that will appeal not only to those who were still a child at the time of its release, but to their children. Something like this.

But, as is often the case, from time to time even the classics require rethinking. At least it seems so to producers. So they decided to make a remake of the beloved cartoon, however, the game. After a quarter of a century.

In general, the management of the Walt Disney studio has long adopted the practice of remaking their own cartoons into films.

By this moment, by this principle they made:

  • "Alice in Wonderland",
  • "Maleficent",
  • "Cinderella",
  • "The jungle book"
  • and Beauty and the Beast.

The company's current president, Sean Bailey, said recently that he was extremely pleased with the results that came with the release of the game remakes of the famous cartoon films of the studio.

Mickey Mouse

Soon, in addition to Aladdin, game remakes of Mulan, Dumbo and Lion King are being prepared for release.

It seems to us that “Dumbo” and “The Lion King” do not fit into the existing concept a bit?

In any case, if “Dumbo” and “The Lion King”, as it may seem to someone, do not fit into the existing concept, Disney’s Studio, within the framework of the D23 convention, presented the first teaser of “The Lion King” to the audience, who literally turned people around who saw. It's all about graphics, which can not be distinguished from reality. True, the rest, hike, if you have to enjoy this "kryhosnosnosnom" roller, then soon. As they say, mere mortals will wait ... for their fate.

Director and screenwriter of the project

Returning to the "Aladdin." Project Director appointed Guy Richie. Did you expect such a turn of affairs? It seems there is nothing to add.

Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie, the famous British filmmaker, many called the "English Tarantino," who put before the classics like the criminal tragicomedy "Cards,money, two trunks ”and“ Big Jackpot ”, as well as two parts of a stylish detective“ Sherlock Holmes ”with Robert Downey Jr. In the role of the world-famous detective from Baker Street, now and then making fun of literally everything that catches his eye, he began to rethink the children's cartoon without any shame of conscience.

Does Disney really want to attract the attention of even a larger audience, and they are going to expand it, focusing on adults? On the other hand, the story itself allows it. The fact is that there the plot is inextricably linked with criminal situations. And who is our master in this question? No, well, not Quentin to call, but you will agree, in that case, we would have seen nothing but blood on the screen with you. This is how we joked, mind you.

Whatever it was, if earlier Guy Ritchie independently wrote scripts for his directorial works, then this time he would have to work on the text written by another person. It seems that Quentin Tarantino would never have agreed to this for anything in life, and there you have them, perhaps, the most important difference from each other.

John August, speaking of his person individually, is in itself a person with no less ambition than the “rich boy”.

It should be said that he created “Big Fish”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Corpse Bride” for Tim Burton, as the question of what is happening now in the Disney camp, emerges before us all with a new force. Well, okay, after all, the creations of the Macabar master seem to be more suitable for children, therefore, John August knows firsthand how to attract the attention of both children and adults at the same time.

You can still say about him that he had previously dealt with two parts of the McG's “Angels of Charlie” action and the fiction of “Nine” with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy, which John August himself directed.

Keepers: Justice League

Interestingly, Alan Stewart will work as an operator on the project.

This British cinematographer was lucky a little earlier to shoot the fiction “Experiment Quatermass”, where Jason Fleming, Adrian Dunbar, Mark Gatiss, David Tennant and Indira Varma were involved in the lead roles, as well as Bevan Walsh’s short film “Love Grows on Trees”.

Michael Wilkinson was appointed costume designer.

Earlier, this Australian filmmaker managed to get a nomination on the Oscar for David O.'s tragicomedy.Russell "American Hustle."

But this list of all the merits of Michael Wilkinson before the cinema does not end there: he created the costumes:

  • for Zach Braff and his Country of the Gardens;
  • for Alejandro González Inarritu and his Babylon;
  • for Zach Snyder and his "300 Spartans", "Guardians", "Forbidden Reception", "Man of Steel", "Batman vs. Superman: At the Dawn of Justice" and "League of Justice";
  • for Joseph Kosinski and his “Throne” (the one that is “Heritage”);
  • for Darren Aronofsky and his "Noah";
  • Well, for many others.

Agree, the list is impressive, is not it?

The cast of the gaming version of the glorious Disney cartoon

Will Smith

The cast of the gaming version of Aladdin was literally born in agony, or is born right now, if you will, but also in agony, not without it. To date, three names have already been found for the project, and one of them will tell you a lot.

So, among the actors of the film are listed:

  • Will Smith,
  • Naomi Scott
  • and Mena Massoud.

Will Smith will voice the genie. The role is honorable, as in the film production by Ron Clements and John Masker, he was voiced by the immortal Robin Williams.

In particular, it is worth saying the following about Will Smith: he and the “robot”and “legend”, and “the owner of seven lives”, and “fatal shot”, and “protector”, and “bad guy”, and “man in black” and many others. And, of course, just a good man.

Naomi Scott also took the role of Jasmine.

You could have seen this young British actress previously in The Mighty Rangers, The 33 and The Lemon Mouth.

But Aladdin was entrusted to Mene Massoud.

This Egyptian actor has already managed to light up in the series “Nikita”, “King”, “Military Hospital” and “In the hope of salvation”, as well as participate in the short film “Americanistan” where he played the role of Mohammed Ali.

The plot of the film "Aladdin"

While there is no trailer for the film Aladdin, we can judge the project only by its synopsis. From the available information it follows that Aladdin, a young thief and successful in his business, dreams of becoming a prince. Thus, he wants to get his wife Jasmine, a charming princess.

While Aladdin and Jasmine find out the relationship between themselves, Jafar, the local Vizier, whose power extends over the vast territory of Agraba, takes control of the question of his imminent seizure of power. He will be able to do this only with a magic lamp, which can be found in the cave of miracles.

What unites these two stories is not the principles of Aladdin, which, if it were fairer than it is, opposed Jafar’s evil intentions, but the fact that, in fact, Aladdin is an “uncut diamond”. So call the one who is allowed to enter the cave of wonders, where the magic lamp is stored.

Movie release date

The release date of the film “Aladdin” is in 2018. It is possible to postpone the release to a later date.

Who knows, maybe when the shooting starts, Patrick Stewart will still fulfill his old dream and play Jafar. In the meantime, let's agree that the project is being developed, including at the Lin Pictures studio, which, in addition to Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes dilogy, was producing Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Hunters, Lego.

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