Airbrushing on cars with their own hands

June 11, 2012
All for a car

Airbrush do it yourselfAirbrush is a kind of direction in the visual arts, used to transform the appearance of cars, motorcycles and other equipment. Now this method is also decorated with laptops, mobile phones and even refrigerators. If you want to change the appearance of any of your equipment, you can contact the aerography studio or master this skill yourself. In the latter case, you not only save, but also give free rein to your imagination and get exclusive things.

It should immediately be said that this type of creativity does not tolerate carelessness or haste. It is also important to ensure that the necessary equipment and materials are available, and all this should be of good quality. Let's talk in more detail about what is needed for airbrushing.


This is the main tool in airbrushing. Now on sale you can find many models of these devices from different manufacturers. They differ in quality and, accordingly, in cost - from twenty-dollar simple units to devices costing several hundred conventional units.

There are two main types of airbrushes: with an independent and dependent paint supply mechanism. In the dependent airbrush paint under the pressure of air flows from the tank to the nozzle, and then sprayed into the air. This is reminiscent of the principle of the nozzle for whitewashing on a vacuum cleaner - the greater the air pressure, the more paint.

Independent airbrushes regulate not only the air supply, but also the flow of paint to the nozzle. This allows you to get any thickness of the inkjet. Those who are just trying their hand at airbrushing should pay attention to airbrushes with double dependent action, in which there is both a paint valve and an air vent. Air is first supplied to them, and then paint. This allows you to get high-quality spray and avoid errors.
how to paint an airbrush

Consider in more detail the design of the airbrush, shown in the figure. At the bottom it is located fitting for air supply, and at the top is a reservoir for paint. A nozzle is located in the front of the device, from where the paint comes when it is sprayed. In the back is a screw that regulates the maximum paint consumption, and in the center there is a button for adjusting the ink supply.It can move downward, opening the air supply, or go back to supply paint. You need to hold the airbrush in your hand as a pen or pencil, and place your index finger on the button.


These devices serve to supply air to the airbrush. The most common membrane and piston compressors. The cheapest compressors cost about one hundred conventional units, but there will be little confusion from such a device, so it’s worth buying a special airbrush compressor. Imported models can cost 300-500 ye., And domestic more affordable. If you have financial difficulties, you can search for a used compressor. In any case, airbrushing requires a pressure of 200-500 grams per square centimeter of area.

Primers, paints and solvents

In order for the paint to stick tightly to the surface, the substrate must be carefully prepared for painting. It must be sanded, degreased and coated with a primer. You can choose different types of primers, depending on the base material. For example, the domestic glyphthalic primer GF 646 solvent showed good performance.

Solvents are distinguished "light" or "heavy" depending on the rate of evaporation.The first group of solvents contains ethers and evaporates almost instantly, the second group contains xyluol, benzene, toluene and oily components, which evaporate longer. Usually 646 and 647 brands of solvents are used in airbrushing, as well as acetone.

For painting by airbrushing, nitro paints are suitable (their texture should be selected in the drawing process) or special paints for airbrushing. You can buy them in a specialty store or art salon.

How to paint with an airbrush

Beautiful drawings in airbrushing are not obtained immediately, but with the acquisition of skills, so you have to train for a long time and persistently - but the result is worth it. To start with the goal of gaining experience to draw easier on the stencil. Consider how to draw a fire. In this figure, three colors are used (for a start, this is enough).
how to learn to paint with an airbrush

  1. As a basis take a piece of galvanized iron, covered with black paint.
  2. It is also necessary to cut out several templates of arbitrary shape from thick cardboard. Then the yellow paint is filled into the airbrush and the first layers of paint are applied according to the patterns. They should not be pressed tightly to the surface, it is better to keep at a distance of 5-10 mm.
  3. After applying the paint can remain "perepyl" - an extra unattractive paint.It must be removed, and for this purpose use either a soft, wide brush or special sticky napkins.
  4. Then the device is carefully washed and change the paint in the airbrush on the red. She draws the central part of the flame. Again, remove the excess with a brush or napkins. It happens. That on the paint fall hairs or mote. Immediately they do not need to be removed, it is better to wait for the paint to dry and to remove the hair with a sharp needle.
  5. At the next stage, the paint is changed to white and it draws the base of the tongues of fire.
  6. Then, after drying out all the paints, the “peeling” is removed again and varnished the image - it protects the surface from mechanical damage and makes the design more contrast and brighter.

Airbrush Painting Tips

  • The device should always be kept perpendicular to the surface of the pattern.
  • To avoid drips, the airbrush must always be in motion. Optimal staining is considered in one pass and in one layer. You can practice without paint, but with air. It is better to train more, but not to redo the work.
  • Drawing should begin with light shades, since dark colors are very difficult to paint over.Bright colors like scarlet can only be painted over the next day.
  • Each subsequent layer must be applied after drying the previous one. If something does not work out, then you do not need to apply more paint, this will lead to drips. Disadvantages in the form of these very smudges can be corrected with a special roller dipped in solvent. You can also fix the drip after it dries.
  • In order that the light shade well "lay down" on a dark base, you can use a white substrate.

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