Adidas baby sneakers for boys and girls (photo)

Sneakers are the most comfortable footwear of our time. It is suitable for everything: doing sports, home chores, shopping. And now many designers create models that are very well in harmony with feminine dresses and sarafans. Because the sneakers will look great in any life circumstances. In addition, this footwear is very good for children, because it is most convenient, easy to take care of and there are models for every taste.

children's sneakers Adidas

How to choose sneakers for a child

The process of choosing good andwearable sneakers for the baby. After all, often the process of shopping and long-term fitting very tedious. So it's worth knowing right away what you want. This will simplify the process of choosing sneakers. By the way, perhaps, one of the best brands, which produces children's running shoes, is everyone known Adidas. Do not buy shoes for a child until you see what the designers are offering.

Shoe size

Of course, the first thing to pay attention towhen you select, this is the size. Since we are talking about children's models, it is appropriate to choose sneakers with a margin of a centimeter or slightly less. Children grow very fast, so choosing exactly the size is not entirely appropriate. Moreover, in hot weather, the feet of the little ones swell slightly, and this small difference will help to maintain comfort. By the way, you can easily find high-quality and comfortable children's Adidas running shoes for kids.

adidas children's sneakers for boys

Although buying models are too large in sizefor obvious reasons, too bad, because the child simply can not normally walk in them, let alone run. In addition, with such a sock, unfortunately, flat feet develop. This is a very unpleasant and very common disease.

It would be great if you had the opportunityget an insole and compare it with the size of the child's leg. If this is not possible, then you can measure on the soles or feel where in the sneaker is the big toe of the baby. It should slightly not reach the edge of the product. Children's sneakers Adidas are famous for the fact that the right size can be found under any foot.

Model shape

Pay attention to the form is also very important. And you need to be guided not only by aesthetics, but also by the fact that usually in children the structure of the feet is slightly different from that in adults. Pay attention to sneakers with a wide toe. They will not have problems with blood circulation, and such shoes will not exactly rub your leg and will not bring discomfort.

adidas girls sneakers for girls

Be sure to check that the selected modelwas a hard back. So the leg will be well fixed, and the tender skin will not get corns. For the same purpose, the upper part of the backdrop should be equipped with a soft cushion.


Most models of shoes are made of textiles, but they are breathable and soft. But there is an alternative: leather or artificial substitute. The last option for children's shoes is undesirable.

What is good about textiles? Such shoes breathe well, it is easy to wash, such sneakers are not so expensive, and the choice of colors is very pleasing. For example, Adidas children's sneakers for boys are usually made in very laconic and restrained color combinations. They look very manly. Even the most demanding kid will find something interesting for himself.adidas baby sneakers for kids

Everyone knows the brand of sports shoes, whichAdidas also produces children's sneakers, took care of all the options of choice. And his children's sneakers will definitely like both the future little owner, and his parents. For example, consider several models from a very extensive line of fashionable children's shoes from Adidas.

Children's sneakers Adidas ZX 850

This is probably the most popular model, whichsaw everyone. After all, its variations exist both in the female lineup for adults and in the male. The products are of different colors, but they always look insanely cute on the leg.

Sneakers Adidas ZX 850 is an innovativemodel of the ZX series. Textiles from which products are sewn, has a mesh texture, the model is decorated with suede inserts of contrasting color. Also, this model has a lot of elements made of genuine leather, so the strength and high quality of these sneakers should not be questioned. The design of the sole is very well thought out. It is suitable even for sports loads, which is good, as any child loves active lifestyles and outdoor games.

It should be noted that the sneakers are designed forboys, and for girls. Inside inserted insoles of innovative material Ortholite. The products are light, have a hard back, you can even put them on your toddler without socks, as they do not exactly rub the legs.

Another nice bonus is that thisThe model is available in almost every store and the list of possible sizes is also extensive. This is because such sneakers are very relevant. If you see a child on the street in such shoes, then you can not help being touched. Sneakers like sewn for an adult, but with all the features of the anatomy of children's legs.

adidas originals

In these sneakers it will be great to look like a very toddler for whom this footwear will provide his first steps, and a schoolboy who decides to take this model for physical education.

Adidas children's sneakers for girls can be found in pastel colors pleasant to the eye. And for boys, either dark colors or bright palette will do. Fortunately, to choose such products is not difficult.

Children's sneakers Adidas Originals Dragon Kids

Very practical model, which can be selected for both the boy and the girl. In the line there are various running shoes, designed for both kids and teens.

This model is called legendary. Indeed, an experienced look can notice a retro note in the design of such shoes. It was popular in the seventies of the last century, but the sneakers will not look old-fashioned at all. Designers are just inspired by the old trends.

children's sneakers Adidas originals dradon kids

Adidas sneakers are very bright. The most popular model is made in a saturated blue shade of indigo. There is also a red version, which also receives a lot of positive feedback.

This model is very similar to the adult variation,because the child's leg will look very nice. Sneakers are quite comfortable, they are made of mesh fabric with insets of colored suede. They have fasteners in the form of Velcro, which is very good for children's shoes, especially for the little ones. Such items can be put on and buttoned by the karapuz alone, without involving the mother and father.

Adidas Originals

And this is only a small fraction of allvariety of choice of high-quality models. Children's sneakers Adidas Originals in all respects above all praise. But, of course, it's up to you which sneakers for the baby to choose.


When you come to the store, take the sneaker in your hand,take a good look at its appearance. If it suits you and the baby completely, the price does not bite too much, you completely trust the brand-manufacturer, the sneakers are made of natural materials, the sole is well bent, the sock is wide (and for the kids it should be wider than the heel), the back of a hard material, the sneaker itself easy on weight, and he has a supinator, it is worth measuring.

Trying was successful when a child likes,you, too, the margin of the dimension leaves that very comfortable centimeter for growth, the leg is placed in the shoes painlessly, the kid did not make any effort to wear it, he does it himself, and you easily put on and buttoned the sneaker on his leg. This is just an ideal option.

children's sneakers Adidas zx850

Well, the most obvious test that can be arrangedsneakers in a shoe store - to get the child to walk a little. This, of course, is appropriate if the young fashionista is old enough. If this process did not deliver any uncomfortable sensations, then such sneakers need to be bought.

But if a child complains of inconvenience, thenit is necessary to dwell on a different option, no matter how beautiful the sneakers are, since the children's shoes help or, on the contrary, prevent the correct formation of the foot. And it is better not to take risks in this case.

A brand of sports shoes that produces children's shoessneakers Adidas, known throughout the world, and trusted by millions of people. If you need quality, concise and stylish design, an acceptable price, then pay attention to this option.

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