Accommodation for MIA employees in 2018

Accommodation for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2018 is issued on the basis of a housing certificate. This is evidence of state support for employees of security agencies whose activities are associated with health risks, severe emotional and physical exertion. The procedure for submitting the document is based on a special order of the Russian government. The obligation to fulfill all the provisions of the certificate is enshrined in federal law "Housing from 2015 to 2020".

Accommodation for MIA employees

How to get a housing certificate

The state imposes standard conditions for obtaining a document by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2018. For example, members of the family member of the program are spouse, children and parents. If distant relatives live in the apartment, which should be taken into account when calculating the amount of social benefits, they are also recognized by family members in the process of painstaking legal proceedings.

The queue of applicants for a certificate is formed in chronological order.What matters is the time of delivery of an employee in the security forces of a citizen to a special account. The first aid is provided to those citizens who most need to improve the quality of housing conditions.

If the applicant for participation in the program is subject to dismissal or has already quit, then the application must be submitted in the name of the head of the ATS (internal affairs body) to whom he submits. You should also submit a report and permission to participate in the program issued by the responsible state authority. Next, you need to perform a number of simple conditions:

  • be registered at the place of service;
  • register as a person who needs housing;
  • send documents to the commission responsible for reviewing and making decisions about such requests.

Submission of documents for housing for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Housing for police officers in 2018 can be compensated by the state as a fee, subject to the following rules:

  • family members do not use rental housing;
  • if they rent an apartment, then less than 15 square meters is allocated for 1 person. m;
  • unsuitable housing conditions;
  • the applicant and his family members live in an apartment, however, they have a dependent person who is not possible to live with, which is legally confirmed;
  • the family lives together with another family (in a communal apartment or dormitory).

In the case of compliance with all the above points and the manifestation of the applicant's accuracy and discipline, the probability of successful registration in the program is extremely increased.

Procedure of the applicant

First of all, a security officer (police) must apply for compensation for housing in the name of his immediate superior. The document should reflect the date of receipt at work, the amount of rent, place and where the apartment or room is located. You also need to specify the period of signing the contract of employment and the date of its termination.

In case of successful registration and enrollment of a citizen in the program, a special account is opened in his name. Every month, an authorized financial service transfers money to it as compensation for housing. The account number is stored in the accounting department at the place of work of the program participant. Thus, the employer can control the expenditure of the amount provided.

MIA employees

You must provide the following package of notarized documents:

  • report;
  • lease agreement (if the applicant rents a living space);
  • documentation c with a description of persons who are in common residence with the applicant (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, certificate of family composition, copies of passports);
  • the record of the order on the basis of which the citizen was employed at DVA.

After processing the documents, the applicant is enrolled in the program participants and begins to pay compensation from the state.

Who is eligible for help

Housing for Interior Ministry employees in 2018, as the latest news says, can be purchased with state funding. The grant is charged to the following citizens:

  • persons who have worked in the ATS for at least 1.5 weeks;
  • relatives whose family member died in the line of duty;
  • former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who were dismissed with the right to receive a pension of the OSHM;
  • ATS employees with health problems.

The amount of assistance is calculated based on the cost of apartments set in the region of service for the current year. The apartment, which is the property of a citizen applying for state aid, is not a barrier to refusal in the event that the premises are in a dilapidated state or in a building to be demolished.

If the owner of the living space intentionally worsens the state of the dwelling, then in case of proof of these facts he will be refused payment. Also, all submitted documents are subject to rejection if any changes were made to them without notice or permission of the responsible commission. Often, a citizen needs legal assistance from a specialist to collect and approve documentation. Thanks to this, he saves his time and effort.

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