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About the blog "Piggy of Folk Wisdom"

My name is Sergey, I will tell you about the blog Piggy of folk wisdomHello! My name is Sergey, I am the author and editor of the blog "Piggy of Folk Wisdom."

Here I want to share with you a unique collection of the centuries-old everyday experience of the Russian people - applied knowledge and skills for all occasions, everything for the owner and hostess.

Time-tested practical recommendations on the following topics: garden and garden, household, harvesting and kitchen, traditional medicine.

How to grow crops and get rid of pests, how to build a greenhouse and greenhouse, how to cook kvass, sbiten and mead, how to get rid of cockroaches and flies, how to make a smokehouse and cook sausage, how to breed rabbits and chickens, how to bake Russian gingerbread and pretzel, what to cook on a table on a weekday and how to regale guests on holidays, how to prepare medicine according to the recipes of Russian healers, how to christen a child and play a wedding, how to clean a fur coat and remove stains, and much, much more.

Go to the pages of my blog, read, subscribe to the news to be always up to date.

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