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Patristic teaching of power leaves no doubt that the biblical text about the power we have in mind SUBMISSION NOT ANY POWER, BUT ONLY the power that a fair and reasonable to execute the law, not to oppose the Christian conscience, correspond to the Divine commandments, commandments, and guidance.



For example, svt. John Chrysostom says: “How is it? Is every boss set from God? It is not what I say that answers (apostle). Now I am not talking about each boss individually, but about the most power (highlighted - PD). The existence of the authorities, with some superiors, while others obey, and the fact that everything does not happen randomly and arbitrarily, so that people rush here and there, like waves, - I call all this the work of God's Wisdom. Therefore (the apostle) he did not say that there is no boss who would not have been delivered from God, but he thinks in general about the essence of power and says: to bear power if you are not from God, the essence of power from God is the essence.So also the Wise One, when he says that the wife of a man is combined from the Lord (Prov. 19:14), means here that marriage is established by God, and not that God combines every married person, since we see that many enter into a marriage with a bad intention and not according to the law of marriage, and this, of course, we cannot impute to God. ”



Ieroshimonah Ephraim writes: “... the forms of power established by people are not pleasing to God. When they say that “all power is from God,” it is necessary to remember and comprehend the following. St. ap. Paul writes: “Let every soul be submissive to the highest authorities; for to take authority not from God, the existing authorities from God are established ”(Rom.13: 1); “For the ruler is the servant of God, to you for good” (Romans 13: 4).


But he, sv. ap. Paul constantly opposed those authorities who were not God's servants and went against his Christian conscience and church interests, that is, against Christ, whom he served and whom he confessed. Here are his words to the high priest Ananias:“God will beat you, a wall whitened! You sit to judge by the law, and contrary to the law you command to beat me ”(Acts 23: 3). When the powers that be were forbidding him and other apostles to teach about the Savior, in response, they were told:“Must Obey God, More Than Men”(Acts 5:29). From this we see that Christians consider the authority from God to be only that authority that justly and rationally fulfills the law and does not oppose the Christian conscience, which is based on the Savior’s commandment.“Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities, against the authorities, against the rulers of the darkness of this age”(Eph. 6: 12). The rulers of the darkness of this century are ruling according to human principles, and not according to the law of God.Moreover, our scolding is against those who rule according to the principles of opposition to God and the rejection of His power.Any obedience and submission to the authorities that rule not according to God is the preparation of our soul for the coming of the Antichrist and non-resistance to it, voluntary or involuntary.These are false and non-pleasing obedience and submission, which lead to perdition».



ADDITION:the literal translation of Rome. 13: 1 from the Greek text: “after all, there is authority, if not of God, —but there are established that of God” (Romans 13: 1). Synodal translation: “... there is no authority not from God; the existing powers of God are established ”(Romans 13: 1). It should be noted that the Greek preposition translated into Russian as "from" has other meanings,including "under". In general, the power (as an opportunity to do something), on the one hand, is established by God, i.e. received from God, allowed by God. On the other hand, we all walk under God, including the authorities (commanding). Here, “under” is a sign of subordination, since God is “the head of all authority and power” (Col. 2:10) and is “dominant over all authority” (3 Mac 7: 7). In this connection, “earthly power” both from God and under God (i.e.

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