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Lenochkin papa, a man of the old school, already over 70, with his foundations, convictions and ideology, came to our home today. They sit in the kitchen - they drink tea. I hear, the conversation went first for the TV, they say, like this: do you have a box ?, how do you know the news?, And what happens, and you don’t know?, And suddenly the prices for buckwheat will be raised? or change days in the office will change ... Just kidding, of course, but the theme is that you, young people, do not take part in society, you are not interested in the foreign policy of the state and what is being done in the world. What does Lena say, and from what do you think that you decide something when you watch TV? What makes you think that all your discussions of what you see on TV somehow influence how to change your life for the better? And so she dispersed, that ended the question, but why did you decide that you in this life decide something in general?

... about a month ago in VK, I raised the question of the topic of choice ... There were many opinions. Most remembered Romkina phrase "the choice, which is not, it is all the same for you."And when I woke up today, I suddenly realized that there was a choice. There is a choice to choose whether there is a choice or not. But from what you choose, not the fact that something will change. It’s rather a matter of feelings, what feelings you feel when you know that there is a choice and what feelings you feel when you understand that it is not there. You can only choose the relationship to one or the other. And if you follow the thread of reasoning, then choosing a relationship, you make a choice. A choice that seems to be there! And thinking this way, I recalled a small parable that I somehow began writing in LiveJournal.

She lived a small dog Shan, obedient, educated and very smart.

She always ran after the owners with a tail and never took her out on a leash, even in a big City, even in the Center, even near the subway. By itself, the little dog is small, in terms of size, but even the smallest ones can grow up.

Some days, twice a year, bitches have an estrus, they become very sensitive and want to play with the guys. So our Shanechka had a heat and she immediately became very loving and greedy for dog-grooming. And once she went for a walk with the owner on the street (well, she thought so, the owner, of course, trivially brought the dog to the street to pee, and not vice versa).

If in usual days Shan does his business without fussing, he will mark new angles in uncharted territory for reference, now, during estrus, Shan has been replaced. The owner is calling - she is not walking, the car is passing nearby - she has zero attention, the road needs to be crossed - she is drunk, she has her own worries. And so she got involved in her process that she stopped reacting to the surrounding reality in general! You call her, you call her, and she would at least have henna ... She is in the process, she is passionate, she has her little dogs on her mind, she thinks how to get the groom quickly. What kind of cars are there, and here to cross the road! I'm busy here, can't you see what? Well you me, master, constantly tugging? I'm busy here, work is working! I don’t have time to run after you, I still need to mark here and wooon there ... Do not distract!

And looking like that from the outside, it seems that it is she who decides whether to attract a dog or not. And it never occurred to her that her owners had already phoned to the hostess of Butch, a miniature Maltezica, and agreed this weekend to introduce them closer ...

In this way and in life, we create YOUR reality, without paying attention to reality, we set priorities ourselves, which is important, which is unimportant, we determine the degree of involvement “in ourselves” and immediately determine the degree of openness / closeness for others.At such moments, stereotypes and attitudes manifest themselves in us, which are transmitted at the gene level, largely unconscious by us, this is a layer of the general information field, unconscious, peculiar to its kind / kind / group ... And the question of choice here is very relevant .. How true is to say What does Shanechka make a choice? To some extent, yes, she does. I don’t tell her what to smell, and what doesn’t, I don’t care what kind of paw she is scratching behind her ear, I don’t care if she marks a bush or a lamppost ... BUT !!! I don’t care if she writes at home, I don’t care if she jumps on a sofa with dirty paws, I don’t care if she picks up any crap on the street ... etc. Here I already make a choice, nor do I ask her for her consent. She has to put up with what is.

That is, the conclusion is this: in insignificant manifestations the person has freedom of choice, and as for the more serious manifestations, which entail any consequences, there is no choice as such. “Both below and above” are the words of Hermes Trismegistus. The law of similarity.

And then you can laugh and laugh from the heart: like,Uncle "lured the bath with the watch," began to throw in a bunch of dogs and people, such as garbage, all this, instincts and all things ... biochemistry is involved and it is possible at the energy-informational level!

According to Vedic knowledge, our world, perceived by us, inhabit four levels of consciousness: minerals, plants, the animal world, and man. Even materialists agree with this. But to assert that man is at the top of the evolutionary chain is premature. This is true for the philistine point of view. But according to ancient knowledge above the human level of consciousness there are even higher levels of consciousness. I am very impressed with the metaphor of the rector of one of St. Petersburg universities: if cabbage sits on a garden and understands only plants and those who sit next to it and just enjoy the sun, turns the leaves under the rays and when a goat comes to the garden and begins to tweak the cabbage, then for kachana it will be a divine manifestation. From his level of organization of consciousness, he does not understand how this interference occurred.He has neither eyes nor legs, he cannot grasp with his awareness, how can such a thing ever be! For him, it was God. And when we, people, do not understand something from our own level of organization of consciousness, we also call it God, the divine manifestation. "As above, so below"

And when you look at the night sky, you learn more about astrology, you get the understanding that accidents are not accidental ... In order for life on planet Earth to be born there are not enough numbers in probability theory for this to happen by chance. All the planets in the solar system are moving strictly naturally. Vedic knowledge of the distance to the planets and the time frame is increasingly confirmed by official science. Already the lazy one does not know that the Moon is an artificially created object, that it is not a planet. The entire mechanism of the solar system is strictly synchronized and perfected to the smallest detail. This is a project. Those whom we are, from our level of organization of consciousness, are not aware of. If you collect seven billion dogs, choose a couple of thousand of the wisest of them, then, after consulting, they will not invent a submarine or helicopter anyway. A man, a philistine, from his own level of self-awareness cannot invent and create a star system. "As above, so below"

So do we have a choice?

Well, yes, probably there is to scratch your nose or go to a movie. And at a more global level, everything is already painted, there is a framework for which they can, or may not ... This really depends on how you interact. Will you be oriented inward, in yourself, or will you follow your destiny and will not react to yourselves to react to manifestations of objective reality. Again, I repeat, there is a choice in the interaction. Well, of course the choice remains in your attitude to everything. To the choice and to his absence.

As above, so below.

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