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54 signs of pride

Pride and Pride are the branches of one root, and the fruits on them are different ...

Pride - unreasonable pride, arrogance, arrogance, egoism (Explanatory Dictionary).

Pride is different from simple pride in the fact thata man blinded by pride, praises his qualities before God, forgetting that he received them from Him.It is the arrogance of man, the belief that he can do everything himself and achieve everything independently, and not with the help and by the will of God. A proud person is rarely a grateful person: he is always convinced that he receives less than he deserves. In pride, a person does not thank God for everything that, for example, hearing, sight, and life has. for example, food, shelter, children).

In other words,pride is when, instead of God, who is in the center of the picture of being, I myself become the center.And then the whole picture of the world is distorted then, because God is in the center anyway, it’s just in my view, everything is somehow different. So it turns out that with my wrong picture of the world I always stumble on something.It seems to me that there must be a passage here, and here the column and I will fight about it all the time.

All religions recognizeThis quality is one of the most serious mortal sins.It is the basis or intersect with such evils as greed, envy and anger. For example, the desire for enrichment (andpersonality) is caused by the fact that a person wants to become not just rich, but richer than other people, he envies (envy), because he does not allow the thought that someone lived better than him, he becomes angry and angry (angry) when another person does not recognizes his superiority, etc. That is why almost all theologians put pride in the first place in the black list of sins.

But, nevertheless, sometimes it is very difficult to discern it in yourself. Because the distinction between pride and pride is sometimes very subtle. As the saying goes: "Respecting your self, you may not notice how you spit into the souls of the people around you ... an over-respected ego - this is pride."

Pride precedes the fall"(English saying)

So, as the saying goes: "You need to know the enemy by sight." And by carefully studying the signs of pride, we can begin to track their manifestations in our heart. It will greatly help us develop favorable qualities, such as humility,respect and will contribute to the harmonization of our relations with this world, and strengthen us on the spiritual path. Because our pride helps us to see the bad in people and prevent us from seeing the good.

Sleepers dream of their own significance. The awakened ones become the conductors of the significance of the universe for those still sleeping.

This list of "distinctive" signs of pride is compiled from Sergey Timchenko's seminar "54 signs of pride."

Pride is:

1. The immutability of the fact that you are always right. Confidence in one’s own self-righteousness (infallibility).
2. Patronizing attitude to others, attitude down.
3. A sense of self-importance.
4. Degrading yourself and others.
5. The idea that you are better than others, boasting.
6. Ascribing to themselves the works and merits of other people.
7. The ability to put the opponent at a disadvantage, managing people to achieve the desired.
8. Control over the situation, but without responsibility for the situation.
9. Arrogant attitude, vainness, the desire to often look in the mirror.
10. Displaying wealth, clothing, etc.
11. The inability to help others and the unwillingness to work together with others.
12. Attracting attention to yourself.
13.Talk about your problems.
14. Touchiness.
15. Excessive sensitivity or insensitivity.
16. Excessive employment of his person.
17. Thoughts about what others think or say about you.
18. The use of words that the listener does not understand, and you know about it.
19. Feeling of their worthlessness.
20. Refusal to change or the thought that you should not change.
21. Unforgiveness of oneself and others.
22. Dividing people into hierarchical levels - who is better or more important,
then behavior according to the hierarchy.
23. The idea that you are more important than others when doing a particular job.
24. Take on the overwork.
25. Distrust of people, God.
26. A state of preoccupation with what impression you make on others.
27. The thought that you are above the law and is the special son of God.
28. The creation of an idol from himself and from others.
29. Work beyond measure, i.e. so much that the physical body does not stand up.
30. Changing behavior patterns depending on who you are talking to.
31. Ingratitude.
32. Ignoring "small people."
33. Inattention.
34. Unawareness of their pride and spiritual problems.
35. The presence of irritable tone.
36Raising voice in anger and chagrin.
37. The idea of ​​having someone taught you a lesson, or talking about a third person in a derogatory tone.
38. Disobeying the will of God.
39. Lack of self-esteem.
40. "What could you do for me?"
41. Recklessness and madness.
42. The presence of the relationship "my brother is the keeper of me", the opposite position "I am the keeper of my brother."
43. Disrespect towards oneself and others
44. Inability to compromise.
45. The desire to always leave the last word.
46. ​​Unwillingness to share their knowledge in order to be able to control.
47. Inattention to the physical body or excessive attention to it. Inattention to your soul.
48. The idea that you should do this, because no one else can do it better.
49. An indication of the mistakes of the other in the tone of conviction.
50. The idea of ​​the need to save others from their problems (and thought and action).
51. Prejudice to people, depending on appearance, skin color, etc.
52. Pride in his position.
53. Excessive self-esteem.
54. Sarcasm.

- Dad, what makes pride different from pride?

“Pride is the realization that he did everything he could for people.”

And pride is an illusion that you can do everything that these little people cannot ...

Published according to Sergey Lazarev.

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