2019 World Bandy Championship

The World Bandy Championship 2019 is the 39th edition of the world bandy championship, which will be held in January-February 2019 in the Swedish city of Venersborg. Who will take part in the tournament? Which national teams claim victory? And what can surprise the Russian team? A lot of questions. And before the start of the championship nothing at all. Therefore, it's time to answer the main questions!


Schedule of the World Bandy Championship 2019

The 39th edition of the competition will be held in early 2019. It is assumed that hockey players will challenge the championship medals from January 24 to February 4.

Bandy World Championships 2019 will take the Swedish city of Vanersborg. Although initially the host city was to be Russian Irkutsk. However, the organizers did not cope with the construction of a new sports arena. Therefore, officials of the International Bandy Federation (FIB) decided to move the competition to Sweden. The right to become a host city was challenged by Vasteras, Lidköping and Vanersborg. As a result, the choice fell on the last city.

2019 World Bandy Championship

Matches of the 2019 World Cup hockey with the ball can be watched live in the stands of the Arena Vänersborg.

This is a modern sports complex, designed for 4,000 spectators. It is intended exclusively for bandy competitions. SC is the home arena for the local band Vänersborg.

All the latest information about the venue and the calendar of games Bandy World Championships 2019 can be found on the official website of FIB - www.worldbandy.com.

Participating teams

Championship medals will compete for 8 national teams. Here is a list of them:

  1. Russia;
  2. Sweden;
  3. Finland;
  4. Kazakhstan;
  5. USA;
  6. Norway;
  7. Germany;
  8. Netherlands.

There is only one change compared with the previous release: the Hungarian squad, which showed the worst result in the last Bandy World Championships draw, was replaced by the Dutch, who won the 2018 World Cup in tournament B.

Results of the 2019 World Bandy Championship

Actually, there are only two real contenders for gold. This is Russia and Sweden.


The most titled party World Cup. On account of the national team 11 awards of the highest dignity. If we take into account the results of the USSR national team, the total number of victories is 25 at all!

Russians from year to year are fighting for gold medals. In the last edition of the World Cup they were once again lucky.According to the results of the home championship in Khabarovsk, the Russian squad in the stubborn final fight broke the resistance of the Swedes. There is no doubt that Russia will compete for the highest awards at the Bandy World Championships 2019!

The world hockey championship in 2019. Where will be held


The second most powerful team is the World Cup. Scandinavians won the championship 12 times, and another 17 took silver.

The last time they managed to become the best at the 2017 World Cup. During the performances in Khabarovsk, the Scandinavians tanked their rivals in the group, including the Russians. But in the final confrontation “Tre Krunur” still lost to the owners of the World Cup 4: 5. Swedes are determined to quit for a painful defeat!

Other commands

Among the remaining applicants for the 1st line in the standings of the 2019 World Cup in Bandy, Kazakhstan and Finland can be distinguished. These teams have repeatedly obeyed the championship medals.

The strongest position of the Finns. Suomi regularly get into the top three. Once - in 2004 - gold even surrendered to Finland!

All other teams, alas, rather act as extras. But you need to make allowances for the fact that the bandy got a second wind recently. This sport is just popularized in the world.

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