2019 Witchfire Game

So, the Polish team The Astronauts decided to continue the positive experience of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, deservedly awarded in 2015 in the nomination “Best Innovation in the Game”, by releasing the atmospheric shooter Witchfire in the horror setting.

True, the phrase of one of the fathers of the creators of this india studio, Andrian Khmelyazh, fans of her work was slightly intrigued, because he let it slip in the announcement that the game would have enormous differences from the story of Ethan Carter.

Although, a number of other sources, by contrast, argues that this is a logical continuation of the story that many people liked about the tragic fate of the hero of the past project.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - Action / Shooter
  • Setting Fantasy / Horror
  • Developer - The Astronauts
  • Publisher / Localizer - The Astronauts
  • Release Date - 2019

The game community quite sincerely hopes to see something of the level of Bulletstorm and Painkiller, ideally - Gears of War, which Andrian and Co were once co-sponsoring in the People Can Fly.

Will they have everything as revolutionary as it was announced? Well, as usual, time will put everything in its place.

Story line

Instead of a storyline with Ethan Carter’s participation, we’ll get a game, albeit with a well-developed narrative element, which doesn’t have our hero to pacifism - some creature will always be found nearby, or even the same person who, without thinking, cling to your throat.

witchfire game 2019

What exactly will be discussed, while the developers are keeping secret, but, being guided by their preferences, it is safe to say that the story will be fairly intriguing, moderately hopeless and very philosophical (well, naturally, for someone who wants to see this subtext).

Game world

The grim fantasy setting, which is closer to a hopeless thriller than to bright pseudo-medieval tales, introduces us to a huge open world. And the journey into it will be clearly exciting, though, and not to say so unusual.

witchfire 2019 release date

Many abandoned houses lonely nestled on the edge of a cliff or the edge of a forest, abandoned villages, moss-covered gigantic trunks and impassable thicket. And quite a diverse bestiary here to match the Gothic locations: crowds of Undead and other horror stories and strive to bite off something of value to the character of the player.

Gameplay Witchfire 2019

The study of the environment in Witchfire, of course, will be present, but far from as thorough as many expected.

The main emphasis in the dynamic first-person shooter will be placed on the combat component, and as regards it specifically, everything promises to be extremely entertaining.

witchfire release date on pc

Judging by the teasers, the game mechanics are very different from what the authors have done before, but an experienced gamer will immediately note its similarity with Lichdom: Battlemage.

Although, as a subjective glance, this project does not promise anything bad - it should turn out not so easy to be completely uninteresting, but you will not have to grow a second pair of hands, which pleases you.

In addition to the different type of fire guns in the style of setting and cold arms, magic will be available, however, at what level and what kind of implementation it will receive here, it is difficult to say at the first announcements. But the variability will be, and not bad, which is good.

witchfire 2019 trailer

At least in the first game-video you see some kind of weird acid-green shade substance, spread in the wilds of forests - probably, this is a hint of some kind of curse that struck the world, which probably gave rise to all kinds of deaths, wandering around locations , as well as other ugly endemics.

It is possible that the spells of the protagonist will have the same background, so as not to get out of the stream, so to speak.

Game graphics

The project is actively exploiting the latest generation of photogrammetry technology (previously successfully tested by the authors in the port of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on the Xbox), and it will be based on the excellent Unreal version with a bunch of copyright code modifications.

witchfire 2019 gameplay

The result will be a graphics with scanned and added to the game after processing the whole buildings and other 3D-objects, not to mention the other entourage. And, it seems, it is able to plug Skyrim at least in the belt, possessing an extremely beautiful detailed drawing in a very peculiar artistic style.

Muffled colors, as if flowed outlines ... Cutter scenes teasers are fascinating, and game cues make waiting for the release of Witchfire with even more excitement.

System Requirements and Platforms

While we are talking exclusively about the publication of the new game of 2019 on the PC, there are no details on the system requirements as a whole. But, it is already known that the project will be distributed through Steam, and this is great, because, most likely, we will talk about early access and other related buns.

witchfire screenshots

Why The Astronauts took the risk to announce the project so early, when it is known about a few hundredths of a percent of everything that should be in the release, is understandable: the studio is small, it has a few projects and the public interest should be heated all the time, otherwise our cruel gaming reality will forget, step over and move on without looking back.

Yes, and judging by the posts in the social networks and the “home video” from the development stages, the team endlessly enjoys the process itself, although it recognizes out loud that all the 2018-year foam will fly from it, like from a hunted horse, for the timing, no matter how sad, tucked in, and hard.

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