2018 - Year of Japan in Russia

By agreement of the Ministers of Culture of Russia and Japan, Vladimir Medinsky and Hirokazu Matsuno, 2018 was announced the Year of Japan in Russia for the purpose of exchanging cultural heritage between countries. The decision on this issue was made on December 15-16 last year during Vladimir Putin's stay in Japan.

The initiative to implement the interchange of cultures of different peoples came from Medina, and the Japanese took the side of this proposal. In the Land of the Rising Sun, festivals of Russian culture are held every year. Such events allow the Japanese to become better acquainted with the culture of Russia.

It is planned to hold events in various fields (political, scientific, economic, cultural, educational, etc.). At these events lay expectations of a positive impact on the construction of Japanese-Russian relations.

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How is the selection of participants?

The Embassy and the Consulate General of Japan in the Russian Federation opened a set of events that will be included in the program content of the Year of Japan in Russia. The use of the logo for information purposes and in announcements is allowed.

Events are selected according to the following criteria:

  • the time frame for holding is 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018 in all regions of the Russian Federation; the list may include events scheduled for the period from 01/07/2016 to 06/30/2019;
  • the essence of the events is in acquaintance with the Japanese culture, the formation of exchanges in the future, the strengthening of friendly relations, the improvement of mutual understanding;
  • it is forbidden to distribute and impose certain teachings, language or religious attitudes, to go beyond the boundaries of the generally accepted order, to refute morality, to violate copyrights;
  • funds spent on events are fully assigned to the organizer.

The event must comply with the legislation of the territory in which it is held. A list of events can be viewed on the official website of the Year of Japan in Russia.

Participants of the festival and a list of events for 2018 in Japan in the Russian Federation

The first step is to submit an application for participation (no later than 6 weeks before the scheduled start), send the necessary documentation to the e-mail or regular mail of the embassy or Consulate General of Japan.

Examines applications and selects the participants of the organizing committee of the “Year of Japan in Russia”.If the decision is positive, the applicant is sent an e-mail with a logo image and the declared event is entered in the official Internet registry.

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It is planned to hold large-scale events that will reveal the culture, traditions and other aspects of the life of the eastern neighbors. The Russians will have the opportunity to participate in various master classes in ikeban manufacturing, painting, calligraphy, watch the visual performance of martial arts masters, watch performances of famous Japanese theaters and much more.

The achievements of the Japanese in the field of science and technology will not be ignored. High technology is the object of national pride of the Japanese. Scientific and technical innovations will be demonstrated at exhibitions that are planned to be organized throughout the territory of the Russian Federation as part of this festival.

What do Russians want to see?

Some representatives of subordinate structures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in Russia, conducted unofficial polls in order to see what compatriots would like to see at this festival. After analyzing the answers of members of the forum, you can make a rating of the desired events for the year of Japan in Russia, which will be held in 2018:

  1. Digital technology.
  2. Construction and interior design.It turns out that many people are interested in the principles of creating a multifunctional space in a residential area.
  3. Folk art, handicrafts, visual arts.
  4. Japanese drift show.
  5. Playing traditional musical instruments.
  6. Cinema, the process of creating anime.
  7. Arrangement of a kind of Japan Town, where they will cook traditional Japanese dishes according to original recipes.
  8. There were also proposals to get acquainted with the education system, technologies of agriculture, organization of the work process in the office, etc.

As for the first position in which residents of Russia are most interested, interest concerns not only exhibitions of finished products such as robotics, electronics, cars, etc. Interest is also seen in the process of producing these new products - creating ideas, designing, manufacturing (what makes and as).

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Exchange of cultures: additional goals and objectives

The year of Japan in Russia has under it not only a cultural, but also a political background. Now the parties are focused on rapprochement due to the tense situation in Northeast Asia in order to be able to resolve it and stabilize it in time.

Also, the goal of cooperation is in orientation towards the economy and management (priority is given to medicine, ecology, tourism, and fish processing). Cumulative development of the Kuril Islands is assumed. Cooperation in the above areas will greatly benefit the Russian population.

Work is underway to improve interpersonal relations so that the residents of both countries have the opportunity to interact, learn from experience, and develop friendly communication. From Japan, changes were made to the visa regime for residents of the Russian Federation: visa lines for representatives of the educational, business and cultural areas were increased to 5 years (it was 3 years).

Tourists are given a multiple-entry visa for a period of 3 years, according to which you can be in Japan up to one month. With self-paid travel, there is no need for the host party to provide written guarantees.

Thus, the new approach to the organization of relations between Russia and Japan provides an opportunity to both better understand the culture and traditions of both nations, and to create and strengthen cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions, which opens up new prospects for these countries.

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